Our Programme

PROGRAMME  for  2016

Jan 6th Quiz

Competition:   A Snowman Christmas Card

Hostesses:   Barbara Jowitt and Joy Phillips

Feb 3rd Denman – the WI College

-  with Jean Scott    

Competition:   A homemade craft item (made by you)

Hostesses:   Margaret Hall and Pat Laverack

Mar 2nd ‘The Tickton Tarts’

-  History and Etiquette of Afternoon Tea

Competition:   A pretty cup and saucer

Hostesses:   Pat Jackling and Sallie Smith

April 6th Making Kumihino Bracelets

-  with Jan Snaith

Competition:   A jewellery holiday souvenir

Hostesses:   Mary Howden and June Raper

May 4th WI Resolutions Evening

-  Speaker to be arranged

Competition:   4 Homemade biscuits or cookies

Hostesses:   Andrea Coates and Margaret Fisher

June 1st Adopting a Rescue Tiger

-  with Kathleen Barnett

Competition:   An animal photograph (taken by you)

Hostesses:   Audrey Wilson and Lucy Work

July 6th Ready, Steady, Arrange

-  Flowers by Anne-Marie

Competition:   A flower arrangement in an eggcup

Hostesses:   Liz Bleek and Anne Hall

Aug 3rd The Yorkshire Air Ambulance

-  with Bob Smailes

Competition:   4 squares of Yorkshire Parkin

Hostesses:   Lindy Smith and Rachel Benson

Sept 7th Harvest Social Evening

Competition:   An animal made from vegetables

Hostesses:   The Committee

Oct 5th A Cookery Demonstration

- by Ladies in Pigs

Competition:   A pig ornament

Hostesses:   Carole Kean and Ann Midwood

Nov 2nd Annual Meeting

Poppies with Sam’ Bell

Competition:   A favourite War Poem

Hostesses:   The Committee

Dec 7th Christmas Party

- with Gifts for Charity

Hostesses:   The Committee