Our Programme

North Cave WI Programme 2017

  • 5th January 1.30pm        AFTERNOON TEA AND GAMES   
  • 2nd February 1.30pm     GREEN HEART CRAFTERNOON        
  • 2nd March 7.30pm          RAIDING THE TREASURE CHEST Cassandra Parkin
  • 6th April 7.30pm              NOSTALGIC FOOD cooking and tasting!
  • 4th May 7.30pm               ROLE, ROLL & ROLE Discussion of resolutions          
  • 1st June 7.30pm              PLANNING OUR 90TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS
  • 6th July 7.30pm               LAVENDER AND PINKS Gill Tompkinson
  • 7th September 7.30pm    90TH BIRTHDAY CELEBRATIONS    
  • 5th October 7.30pm        ALL ABOUT BOYES Stephen Boyes      
  • 2nd November 7.30pm   GET VOTING! ANNUAL MEETING  
  • 7th December 7.30pm     CHRISTMAS DINNER and entertainment